I left Los Angeles around 11:00 am PST today. There was quite a bit of traffic on the way out, but once I got on the I-15 it was nice and smooth all the way to Las Vegas. It is a regular weekday after all, so I would not expect anything else.

The first charging stop was in Barstow, CA. Since it is located in the middle of the desert, the weather was unbelievably hot during the day, despite the fact it is already October. I got some lunch and was on the way about 20 minutes later.

I spent the next 2 hours driving through the empty desert. It is not exactly the most exciting drive in the world…

A road trip to Las Vegas would not be complete without stopping by Primm, NV for the Farmer Brother’s coffee at the gas station! This is seriously my favorite coffee ever. I used to always look forward to Las Vegas road trips because I get to stop by at Primm for this amazing coffee.

I charged my car for about 10 minutes and then left. Primm is about 40-50 minutes away from Las Vegas, so I could have easily gone directly to Las Vegas without stopping for a quick charge.

Next stop — Nellis Air Force Base, the place where I was once stationed as an enlisted member. This place certainly brings back good and bad memories from 2007—2008.

Random observation: If no one cares about a Tesla car in the SF Bay Area where it is almost as common as Toyota Camry, it gets looks now and then in Los Angeles, but here it get stared at from every passing car.

I met up with a good friend from the Air Force around 5:00 pm, we grabbed some food at Raisin Cane’s and ate at the park while video chatting with my best friend (her boyfriend) who is currently deployed in Afghanistan.

I will be staying at Nellis overnight at my friend’s place, and leave around 4:00 am. My next trip will be significantly longer — 739 miles from Las Vegas to Denver, Colorado. It should be possible to do in one go with a few quick 20-minute naps between the charging stops. The trip is actually longer than 10 hours 44 minutes because of charging stops, not that I would be able to do it in one shot even if I was driving a gasoline car.

The building where I once worked — F15 Parts Store. It hasn’t changed a bit.