As I have mentioned already in my previous post I was not planning to drive today. I arrived yesterday after 2:00 am (so technically it’s today) and was too exhausted to drive without getting some rest.

I have a lot of acquaintances and close friends in Ohio, some of whom are more like a second family to me, which is also why I decided to stay here for a day.

The only negative about driving up to New Philadelphia / Dover, Ohio is that it is at least an hour away from the closest supercharger. I left Columbus, Ohio with 210 miles and arrived here with 60-something miles. The next closest supercharger is by Cleveland, Ohio which requires about 70-80 miles to get there. So, basically it was a one way trip into a small town. I had to charge my car overnight using a regular 110V outlet which was SLOW. But, something is still better than nothing. How slow? 4 miles per hour, now compare that to the initial 380 miles per hour at a Tesla supercharger. The reason why I say initial, because eventually it starts to charge slower after about 100 miles, and takes the longest to charge the last remaining 10% from 90% to 100%. But even then, the slowest charging rate I have seen at any supercharger is something like 74 miles per hour.

First thing I got in the morning was breakfast at Bob Evans — local family-style restaurant in Ohio. More importantly, I really needed a coffee since I only had 4 hours of sleep.

New Philadelphia and Dover are really small towns. I spent most of my life living in the big cities — New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. Sometimes it feels nice to get away from all that noise, crowd and traffic.

After breakfast, we went for a hike to a place called Dundee Falls, no more than 15-20 minutes away. That place is just absolutely gorgeous. It is a picture-perfect definition of nature.

Here is a short video footage that I captured there. Be sure to turn up the volume.

After our short hike, all four of us went fishing on a boat at my friend’s uncle’s private land.

I did not manage to catch any fish, but the entire experience was definitely unforgettable. On a daily basis, I spend most of my time in an office environment, so it is nice to get away and immerse yourself into outdoors and nature sometimes.

Later that evening I had a dinner at an Italian restaurant with my best friend’s family in Dennison, Ohio. The food was amazing. I just wish I could eat more than a few bites before feeling stuffed.

I will be heading back home tomorrow. The drive is not going to be nearly as long as the one I did yesterday, but still about 10 hours of driving. It is possible to get there in less time, but I have to follow the superchargers path through the northern border of Maryland and then Delaware to get to New Jersey, well at least for the time being, until more charging stations are built.

Here is the map of all the superchargers available today:

And here is the map of the superchargers that will be available in 2016:

There will be one more blog post in this series — Day 6, which I will post tonight or tomorrow.