I have spent a good chunk of the week working on the ngAuth module for AngularJS. At the moment it only works with token-based authentication using username and password. This week I will work on adding the social sign-in integration with Facebook, Google and Twitter. And as promised, I will include examples for various programming languages to make your back-end integration seamless.

Jekyll Blog Editor that I have been working on is currently on-hold until the next version release of node-webkit. Until they bundle Google Chrome 37 with DirectWrite support, working on this project in a Windows 8.1 environment with a Hi-DPI display is going to be a huge pain. This is similar to having a Macbook Pro with Retina Display when most apps are still designed for non-retina displays.

Every Thursday we have brief, internal persentations at Hacker School.This past Thursday, I gave a short 5-minute presentation on token-based authentication and how it compared with traditional cookie-based authentication. Here are the slides.

In other news, not related to Hacker School, I have become a big fan of Japanese visual novels. Up until about a week ago I didn’t know about their existence. It’s no secret, I love watching anime, and I know there is usually a manga for each anime, but I didn’t know about visual novels. I am currently on the Chapter 4 of ChäoS;HEAd and I know I should be writing code instead right now, but this visual novel is the only thing that is currently on my mind.